My Story:

Carl Headhot

I am a sports photographer in Miami who loves to freeze action. My interest in

photography started in high school when I was a member of my high school’s

photography club. In high school, I was not able to fully develop my love for sports

photography as I was a three-sport athlete and had no time to photograph

competitions. After graduating from law school and moving to Miami my career in

criminal law and family responsibilities did not allow me to pursue my passion

for photography. My passion for sports photography awoke when my children began

playing sports. Instead of cheering for my kids on the sidelines, I bought myself a

Canon Rebel. As my children became better athletes, I became a better

photographer, convincing my wife along the way of the need for better equipment!

After their sports careers ended, my photography thrived and dramatically changed

after attending workshops taught by legendary Sports Illustrated photographer,

Peter Read Miller. Not only did Peter teach me to be a better photographer, he also

increased my appetite to learn more about movement, angles and light. I now have

the privilege of freezing action at the high school, collegiate and professional levels. recognized my work and listed me as the best

9 sportsphotographers in Miami and recognized me as "one of

the most talented sports photographers in Miami". Check out the article that

The Catalyst, theStudent Newspaper of Ransom Everglades School, recently


I hope that you enjoy the images in my website.



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